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The city of Phuket, on the island of Phuket, is the capital of the Thai province of the same name. In the old town, the Thalang road is lined with colorful 19th century "shophouses" and Sino-Portuguese buildings. Built in 1903 by a rich tin merchant, the Baan Chinpracha mansion has Italian tiled floors, shuttered windows and antique furniture. The Thai Hua Museum, housed in a 1930s mansion, houses exhibits on the culture and history of Phuket.

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1. Why should I live in Phuket?

The weather: Living in Phuket means that you have to expect a little rain, regardless of when you decide. This is a tropical land so rain is indeed inevitable. January is the driest month because there is very little rainfall, although it is one of the most expensive, especially during the New Year holidays. It’s generally stormy and rainy during the second half of the year, so you should be aware of each month’s weather conditions to stay away from the inconveniences while living here.     

Internet: Phuket now is conducting the Smart City Project, which is an important project in the strategy of digital infrastructure development. This allows people in Phuket as well as allows foreigners or tourists to take advantage of the internet services in various online activities in order to drive and promote tourism.

Safety: You could call Phuket a relatively safe place as the crime rate is quite low, but scams and robberies are something you have to watch out while living in this prosperous land. Besides, the riptides and other dangerous types of sport might put your life at risk you are not careful enough. 

Cost of living: A typical Phuket base food is at around 40 baht. At tourist attractions such as in front of Patong Beach, things are a little bit more expensive, such as 100 baht for a noodle salad. Another advice from us is whether you are about to buy or use any services in Phuket, ask for the price first. That way we can avoid spending too much money on something that we don’t necessarily need.

To travel around the city, you need to have a car or a motorcycle because of the small number of buses circulated around the city. The huge number of hectic street markets is the specialty in Phuket at night: You can’t choose from a wide range of walking street markets, where you can find literally everything there! You will also be able to be exposed to wildlife, nature and the green beaches, absolutely everything a tropical country can offer you!

2. Where should I live in Phuket?

With ten million tourists a year, Phuket is very crowded. We must, therefore, deal with the crowd during the high season. But even at that time, the island is damn appreciable.

This tourist dynamism has the advantage of having favored the creation of infrastructures such as hotels, shopping centers, an airport, restaurants (notably a 2 Michelin star 2019), international schools, hospitals ...You should know that Thailand is one of the major world destinations for medical tourism and Phuket is one of the best-equipped cities in the Kingdom of Siam in terms of health. If you are seeking a peaceful neighborhood to spend your life there, my suggestions are Phuket Town, where you can have the chance to visit some famous shrines and museums; or Chalong, a well-centered residence where you can be close to every part of this tropical island. And if you wish to have some recreational activities at the weekends, don’t hesitate to pay a visit to the beach clubs and gorgeous coastal restaurants in Patong- the soul of Phuket’s nightlife.

3. Where can I work in Phuket?

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