Our TOP 5 best WordPress hosting

Our TOP 5 best WordPress hosting

What could be better than a specialized WordPress host to pamper your website or blog? Because this CMS is very famous and used by more than a third of the web What could be better than a specialized WordPress host to pamper your website or blog? Because this CMS is very famous and used by more than a third of the web, we see more and more specialized offers growing like mushrooms ... In this article, we will list and compare the majority of the offers of web hosting available currently on the market.

Why choose a specialized WordPress host?

Shared hosting, dedicated hosting, or dedicated server, what is the right hosting solution, an easy to use the offer for your favorite open source CMS or your WordPress blog? We went around social networks and search engines to ask the question and here is the result. There are many advantages to choosing a specialized WordPress host but the most interesting is certainly the fact of dealing with a support that will speak the "WordPress language". Beyond this argument, WordPress specialized hosts generally offer, turnkey, features specific to WordPress, adequate performance, and security improvements: client area, domain name management, WordPress theme, WordPress plugin, etc. specialized WordPress host is generally more reliable than a traditional host. It’s a bit like driving your Audi RS6 to overhaul: the services offered by a manufacturer’s brand will often be more appropriate than the services offered by a “typical” garage owner.


BlueHost is also a specialized WordPress host well known in the industry. Like the others, it offers optimized servers so that your WordPress site is fast and secure. BlueHost offers its users many services such as dedicated 24/7 support, as well as premium plugins, specific scripts to be implemented with one click, or a sleek and easy-to-use administration console.

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WP Engine


WP Engine is a premium hosting provider that has been well known for years. The performance of its servers has certainly contributed to its success. In addition to the performance and functionality offered, WP Engine can be proud to offer technical support - run by a team of WordPress experts - to all its users 24/7 all year! Also, WP Engine ensures that your hosting is properly configured, offers real-time security threat detection, free SSL certificates, bug fixes, a server cache as well as a CDN.

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The price is not the lowest, but also not the most expensive. Free trial for 2 weeks. Guaranteed refund, no questions asked. No problems in more than 5 years of Use and recommendations to customers, colleagues, and friends.

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This hosting is powered by Google Cloud Platform that allows you to position yourself on one of the 15 data centers in the four corners of the world. The best technologies are used like PHP7 or Nginx and many features and services are included (SSL, H24 support, simplified site management, etc.).

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FlyWheel is a web host specially designed for WordPress, "guaranteed without hacking". Many features are included such as daily backups, performance, speed of loading your sites, choice of server location, SFTP, etc... In addition, FlyWheel can accommodate thousands of visitors at the same time, even from the basic offer. Don't forget the revolutionary tool to create your site locally (Local by FlyWheel) and bring it online in one click.

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