5 tips to increase sales on your Shopify store

5 tips to increase sales on your Shopify store

Do you have a Shopify store and feel ready to take the next step? Ready to make more sales with less effort? I suggest you dive deeper into the world of Shopify

Do you have a Shopify store and feel ready to take the next step? Ready to make more sales with less effort? I suggest you dive deeper into the world of Shopify. In this post, we are going to discover several advanced techniques that will support you to attract more customers, boost your sales, and enhance the efficiency of your online business.

Cart Abandonment

The average online cart abandonment rate is 68.81%. In other words, 7 out of 10 customers add products to their cart and leave the site without having purchased. It’s quite a shortfall. See for yourself: Go to Orders> Cart abandonment on your Shopify dashboard. There you will find the list of all customers who have placed items in their basket, but who have not paid for their order. What if you could send them an email to remind them? On the standard Shopify plan, your only option is to manually email each customer, one at a time, to remind them of their shopping cart.

Our advice: By switching to the "advanced" plan or by downloading a cart abandonment application, you can configure an e-mail that is automatically triggered for each customer who leaves their cart abandoned. If you do it right, you can bring back a lot of these customers to check out.

Create customer accounts

By asking your customers to create an account before buying from you, it is possible to track and control their information and purchase history. By using customer accounts, you know exactly who bought what.

So it's easy to identify your best customers. With this information, you can send targeted emails. Suppose you own a bookstore and sell 230 copies of a popular novel. A few months later, you start selling the suite, and you want to email everyone who bought the first book to let them know.

By tracking purchase history through customer accounts, you know exactly who bought the first book, so you can email them directly.

To activate this function:

  1. Go to Settings> Command.
  2. Then set the accounts receivable section to “mandatory”.
  3. Customers will then be invited to log in or create an account when shopping.

Promotion codes

It's no secret that discounts help increase revenue, but how do you do that in Shopify? All plans have the option.

You can thus generate reduction codes in $, as a percentage, or offer free delivery.

Our tip: You can couple this tip with the first of this list: offering a small reduction voucher in your cart abandonment email is a very good plan to improve its efficiency.

Think about gift cards

Gift cards are especially popular during the holiday season or occasions like Mother’s Day, and Shopify makes it easy to create them. Go to Products> Gift Cards. Here you can create a gift card, just like any other product.

Warning: If you don't see the option, it is only available from the standard Shopify plan.

Integrate Shopify with Facebook

If you have a lot of fans, you can recreate your store on your Facebook page.

Customers can buy directly on it without having to be redirected to your site, which streamlines the sales process. With an API, the Facebook store automatically synchronizes payments and inventory with your Shopify account, allowing you to manage everything from one place.

How to do? Start by navigating to Settings> Sales channels> Add sales channel> Facebook and follow the steps.


If you have not yet implemented these recommendations, I strongly recommend that you consider it. All have proven themselves! And if you're having trouble setting up your Shopify store or WordPress e-commerce