Are you considering buying backlinks? best places to buy backlinks ?

Are you considering buying backlinks? best places to buy backlinks ?

Well, it is important to have more and more backlinks, as they are the backbone of getting high rankings in search engines. However, the best way to start the link building process is to earn them naturally. In fact, you should not forget that buying backlinks is risky. That said, if you know the right trick, buying backlinks can be an easy way to achieve high search engine rankings. Almost every SEO specialist has considered buying backlinks.

Today, we look at one of the most important questions that concerns every webmaster or blogger - Should you buy backlinks? We also let you know the best places to buy backlinks.

Backlinks occupy a prominent place in the online world. They are considered as a good basis to get high rankings in search engines. Backlinks are the best ways to get good results in Google search.

In addition, backlinks offer benefits beyond search engine results.

  • Backlinks offer multiple benefits.
  • Backlinks allow you to get a brand of yourself.
  • You can gain brand authority through backlinks.
  • Backlinks help in relationship building as well as promotion.
  • The fastest way to acquire backlinks is to buy backlinks.

Although buying backlinks in an expensive option (the average cost of buying a link in 2020 was $400), it still proves to be the most attractive option because the additional revenue generated by good rankings more than covers the cost of buying links.

However, it should be noted that buying backlinks is against Google's guidelines. Any website is likely to be penalized by Google if it is found to be involved in the practice of link buying. Penalized websites lose their rankings for all keywords for six months or more. In fact, penalized websites never fully recover their rankings. So, from Google's perspective, buying backlinks is an absolute "no".

That said, a dilemma is created by the fact that buying backlinks does work.

There are thousands of companies that buy backlinks. They manage to get good rankings as a result. Moreover, they have never been caught or penalized by Google.
They manage to avoid Google's penalty because it is not easy for Google to differentiate between natural and paid backlinks. In fact, there are billions of links spread across the web.

There is something known as "less risky backlinks".

  • They look exactly like a normal link on a normal site.
  • Sold links are added in relevant articles.
  • And Google doesn't know that the links were paid for.

However, these links are expensive. You need 100 of them. So, buying quality backlinks involves a relatively high cost. However, there are many websites that sell links for a few dollars a month. These are low quality and extremely high risk.

So should you buy backlinks ?

A risk-free approach to SEO indicates that you should not buy them. The temporary gains aren't worth the risk. Instead, create engaging content and promote your site to attract natural backlinks. The approach requires patience on your part; however, you end up getting the same results.

That said, you can buy a handful of high quality backlinks to speed up the results. However, then you run the risk of having your website penalized by Google.

You should consider buying backlinks when you can bear the cost of restarting if Google catches and penalizes your website.

You can follow these guidelines when buying backlinks:

  • Buy links from different individuals instead of packages from a link seller
  • Buy links from sites relevant to your site.
  • Deal directly with site owners instead of third party companies.
  • Buy links from individual pages instead of site-wide links.
  • Buy content links instead of sidebar or footer links.
  • Keep the percentage of paid links below 10% of your site's total number of links.

Why should you buy backlinks?

There are companies that spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on backlinks. And there are reasons for this.

Buying backlinks saves time. In fact, both white hat and black hat link building tactics are time killers.

Let us give you an example.

Let's say you want to earn backlinks through search

  • Prospect for relevant link opportunities.
  • Qualify those opportunities.
  • You need to establish a relationship with each opportunity.
  • Request link placement on qualified websites.
  • Test different link research strategies.
  • Once approved, you must create content.
  • Repeat the same process

You must create systems, procedures and hire staff to perform these tasks. In addition, you need to train each person so that they can perform the tasks correctly. You may even need to hire a project manager. So, through this example, we mean that when you buy backlinks, you are buying a process. Well, you may say that it's just an SEO white hat.

However, the truth is that even with gray/black SEO, your life would be dedicated to link building.For example, if you create a PBN (private blog network), you will be involved in many tasks. You have to deal with operational issues such as network management, dealing with hacked sites, dealing with untrusted hosts and much more.

Buying links saving times

However, there are more reasons why people buy backlinks. For example, buying backlinks increases the speed of viewing results. You don't need to spend hours doing these tedious tasks. You can focus on other SEO priorities, such as content creation.

The danger of buying backlinks

Let's be frank with you. Buying backlinks is dangerous. In fact, buying backlinks is against Google's guidelines. Google will penalize your site and it will be de-indexed from search results. Your organic search traffic will be murdered overnight. So, buying links has its risks.

That said, it's not easy for Google to determine if a link is natural or not. It's about accepting the risks associated with buying backlinks. It comes down to risk analysis. You need to access the opportunity to save time and get quick results that are worth the risk of being nailed down. You need to understand this.

For example, buying PBN links is riskier than buying a link on a real blog. However, you can reduce that risk. For example, let's say "" is your company's website. You can create a separate site hypothetically named "" and focus on ranking it. So if "" is hit, your company's site would remain intact.

Although using this strategy involves resource waste and your company's site may be nailed if you link the two together.

Also, you need to understand that there are high impact activities outside of SEO that can grow your business.

It can also happen that you are not equipped for SEO.

So, you need to focus on creating a great product or service first. SEO will not help if there is no one to buy your product or service.

If you want to see your business grow, you need to invest time and capital outside of buying backlinks.

Here, we list some things you can do:

  • Content creation
  • Product improvement
  • Customer experience
  • User experience
  • On Page Optimization
  • Visual identity, design and corporate identity
  • Influence marketing
  • Paid Traffic

So there is a lot to do to grow your business outside of SEO.

Finally, buying quality backlinks is expensive. It can cost up to $1500 per link.

Only buy backlinks when you have built a solid foundation and invested in quality placement.

Best places to buy backlinks

1. sponsored article platforms

When you have a good budget and want quality backlinks, Sponsored Article Platforms are the best places you can look at. You can buy backlinks that come from blogs/sites of the same niche. The links are placed manually.

In fact, many sites have managed to rank high in Google search results with these services. The price varies depending on the quality of the sites between 10 euros and 2500 euros. Here are some great Sponsored Article Platforms to consider