List of jobs for digital nomads, le 03/05/2021


List of jobs for digital nomads

Do you know that it is possible to work remotely and make a very good living? YES! Become digital nomad, in this article I tell you what are the professions to become digital nomads. There are hundreds of them but I describe the easiest and accessible to all. Because if you are not an engineer you can learn everything online! and with us!

Web Developer

Web developers create through specifications, maintain and repair websites. They create their sites thanks to several computer languages, or via a more intuitive content management system like WordPress. These people take an idea from the Internet and, well, develop it. They create and build the style, layout, appearance, and various functions of a website. They also take care of all the bugs that make a site slow, unstable, or unusable in one way or another.

Digital marketing

You can work as a digital marketer about Facebook, Instagram, SEO, it’s a nice way to become a digital nomad. But you need a strong portfolio and knowledge to find a lot of clients


Thanks to new technologies and especially the internet, it is now very easy to communicate with people, and this allows things like language learning to flourish. Many companies and startups have grown, many online companies have embraced this idea and created platforms for teachers and students to come together. There are also many opportunities for speakers of other languages to teach online. Here is a list of sites where you can teach English, French, Spanish, Japanese, and any other language you want. Teach Away VIPKID DaDa QKids

Mobile developer

The work of a mobile application developer is a bit like web development, but the environment and style are different. Because the coding languages are different, the skills required are also different but the background remains the same it is very easy to become an application developer if you were a web developer. As a web developer, an application developer takes an idea for an application, either a phone or via a specification, and then develops it. They build the layout, functions, and characteristics of an application. They test it, analyze its faults, and correct any bugs that could hinder its use. You can start working with clients to gain experience and consolidate your skills, and then create your applications for your business. By traveling you will acquire new inspirations and new ideas